Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dear Boxshifters pt 2

Dear IT Support

Your swear filter is somewhat less effective that I thought it was. I have managed to call my colleague a cock muncher, shitbiscuit, gobshite, felcher, arse-eater, dog fluffer, wang daddy, cock beast, hootie mama, jizm gobbler, cum guzzling fuckslut, cumdrain, winnet eater, shitface, dog breath, bananaman, arsefucker and spunk bucket in the last few minutes alone.

However jerk, faggot, bitch and arse are all illegal, all of which could quite conceivably have meanings that are not considered abusive.

Muff diver gets flagged up as racist abuse but Paki and Nigger are completely fine. I cannot imagine what sort of perverse mind could mis-categorise so wildly.

Should you require me to provide consultancy regarding the correct configuration of your swear filter I would be very happy to provide a comprehensive list of abusive terms, racist abuse and sexually discriminatory remarks,




Anonymous said...

C'mon fella, post some more!

Missing your stuff, it's fine reading :-)

Anonymous said...

So what is happening? Have you paid off your debt? Where are you living now? What about TBL.. Did she keep her job? What car are you now driving?

Talk about getting us all interested and then leaving us hanging!

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