Saturday, 11 October 2008

Everything breaks.

The lantern has packed up, I get the impression most camping gear is designed to be used once and then put at the back of a garage. The fuel supply seems to have stopped flowing so I need to take it apart and find out what is going on within. I suspect a blockage of some sort and now I have daylight hours, I can set about fixing it.

We have survived using candles for the week and it is quite amazing how much light you can get out of half a dozen strategically placed tea lights. Moreso when the dog catches fire. It has all been rather romantic really, candlelit dinners and open fires every night, radio 4 bumbling away in the background keeping us posted on the continuing financial catastrophe.

I have been considering the impact of the forthcoming reccesion on TLB and I and trying to decipher what the hell is going on. The way I see it the financial system is like a horribly complicated engine. Money is like the oil that keeps all of the parts working together and a healthy flow of it is required to ensure that I can work well with other economic entities in this great big wheezing, farting machine. I get paid, I buy chocolate with it but I never actually see it, it is like this intangible thing that at best, I can get tokens that represent it.

Some people have worked out how to syphon the oil out of the system into reserves that are of no use to anyone in the real economy as we now have to call it. Eventually too much gets removed and the engine seizes up. The big question for me is can we repair the engine or will we need a whole spangling new one? Personally, I like new cars. Even if the old one isn't fully broken I quite like an upgrade. I think I will avoid the Icelandic range though.


Anonymous said...

take the coleman petrol lantern back for a refund and get a TILLEY which will last at least 50 years, probably long enough to bequeath to one of your grandchildren, and runs on paraffin a safer, cheaper and more efficient fuel.

TILLEY makes a comforting hiss and gives out a surprising amount of heat.

You will need some Tilley Tongs an some meths to get it started.

Anonymous said...

if you haven't fixed the coleman yet, you could try turning it on and off quickly and judiciously firmly.
If it is like a TILLEY, then a needle is forced into the jet at the top of the stem to close and it is good management to turn it off and back on quick as poss, it should relight from the heat in the mantle. If not turn it off, I am certain that you are aware od the danger of petrol vapour, and allow to cool.

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