Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Things I have learned

Acclimatising to living in a tent on a farm has been a learning process. So far I have learned:
  • Dogs and chickens will never be friends.
  • Petrol is very dangerous (to be fair I knew this before but it is at the front of my mind these days)
  • Chopping wood with a small axe is all in the hips.
  • Plastic bags should not be left where they can blow onto a hot stove.
  • I need to write a blog entry on cooking very soon.
  • Thursday is Radio 4's best night.
  • Always know where your head-torch is.
  • Boot fairs are full of junk that is not worth selling on ebay.
  • Toilet tents are rubbish.
  • Always shit at work. It is the ultimate expression of ones capitalist instincts and is warmer than a farm.
  • Cushions are brilliant.
  • Rivers are very cold in England, no matter how sunny you may think it is.
  • You can never buy enough tea lights.
  • There are a infinite uses for a log.
  • TLB is one of the most fantastic women in the world.
  • Owls compensate for their lack of serenading talent with enthusiasm.
  • Even the most minor burns can take over a week to heal.
  • The pleasure of a bath should never be underestimated.

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