Friday, 17 October 2008

Light relief

We had a competition in the office to come up with the best enviro-measures to combat the wastefulness of the office, here was my entry. I didn't win.


I managed to miss the last email from Tony so here are some ways that I have thought up to decrease our carbon footprint…

  • Sign up to to meet our power needs – 100% carbon free!
  • Join this group to enable us to recycle our toners more environmentally efficiently:
  • When disposing of old items we could start to use
  • Perform a full Environmental Impact Assessment on the company to establish our key areas of waste and environmental inefficiency (
  • Install a reed bed filtration system to process all of the companies grey water waste back into usable water
  • Install energy monitors to enable facilities staff to better monitor the usage of energy in the workplace (
  • Install wind turbines and solar panels on site to supplement grid supplied energy (from our sustainable source of course).
  • We should create small piles of wood and ponds around the office and site to encourage habitats for key environmental indicators like Toads and Newts.
  • Encourage the use of remote workers via VPN where possible to minimize the use of cars to and from work.
  • Start a cycle to work scheme like this one: to encourage people to reduce car usage
  • Allow people to have smaller cars (like say a Lotus Elise) so that emissions are reduced. If this is not acceptable, encourage the use of diesel vehicles and hybrids.
  • We should start to look into green burial options ( for employees that expire on the job.
  • Install compost toilets throughout the premises (making sure to separate fluids and solids!) to enable the grounds to be fertilized by home grown waste!
  • Instead of pointless pot plants we should have small fruit trees dotted about the office to encourage people to live healthier lifestyles.
  • Under the new European Carbon Trading scheme we could start to offset our carbon footprint by buying CO2 from small 3rd world countries that don’t use them!
  • In much the same way as Canopy Capital ( we could try to leverage the high availability of Rainforest for profit, social enterprise and environmental benefit.
  • Turf the roof of Innovation House to encourage wild flowers and wildlife habitats
  • Timed lights in the toilets that turn off after a period to ensure that lights are not left on.
  • Start to employ the principles of Permaculture in the design and implementation of new company projects. It is a design methodology that helps to develop systems that mimic the structure and interrelationship found in natural ecologies

These are just a few suggestions, if you need any more I am sure that I can find many more. I also know that were I to win the mountain bike, it would get well used by my very environmentally sound girlfriend.


Your Environmentally Suped-Up Technical Programmer


Hayden Davis said...

Genius. I want to give you a bike just for the pleasure of reading that.

Anonymous said...

Hayden: Pleasure? Have you ever actually read a novel? Any novel will do: even that Harry Potter sh*te has to be more entertaining than this blog.

Torminalis said...

My first negative comment, I have truly arrived.

Anonymous said...

back again

Sorry: I meant to say this entry, not this blog.

Though clearly any offence which may have been caused was taken as a complement. Nice one.

Hayden Davis said...

Sorry, but I happen to have a lot of interest in what my friends are up to. Especially my bold tented friend. And that post brightened my evening up.
Get some sleep mate. Better for you than leaving comments on blogs at nearly two in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Well who did win then? And how?

Torminalis said...

In the end they put all of the suggestions in a hat and one was pulled at random. Makes me wonder why I bother.

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