Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Everything must go

This morning I put out an email to all staff detailing the things that I wish to sell. The response was pretty immense and I spent a large amout of the morning fielding questions and apologising to the management for abusing their email system. I have managed to rid myself of my TV, the Playstation, a large coffee table, 1 sofa, 1 comfy chair and a pair of very dangerous stilts. There are a few other things which people have shown interest in and most have agreed to collect the bulkier items. There are still bookshelves, 2 beds , a chest of drawers and various other detritus to sift through.

My uncle was kind enough to send me a list of things which he feared I have forgotten about so to allay the fears of those of you who think I may going into this whole endeavor woefully unprepared I have a list of things that I intend to purchase in advance of my departure. These include:
  • a wood burning stove
  • a couple of sealed plastic boxes for food storage.
  • some Tupperware
  • a portable barbecue
  • 1 low folding table
  • a 10 litre collapsible water container
  • 2 camping saucepans and a frying pan
  • a good thick mattress topper
  • 2 large cushions
  • a pair of sheepskins
  • a pair of large fleece throws
  • 2 packs of 5 plastic floor tiles for door entrance and stepping stones to the toilet
  • a Coleman portable toilet
  • enviro-chemicals for the aforementioned receptacle
  • a toilet tent
  • 1 big rechargeable caravan battery
  • 2 lanterns (not decided on LED or oil yet)
  • a tow bar for my car
  • a trailer and probably some bungees.
Of these items the trailer/tow bar and the wood burning stove will be the expensive ones but I can easily cover those costs with the proceeds of the items I have sold today. I will also get a months wages with no rent to pay and the deposit from the house so I should not struggle when it comes to getting set up. There are now only 28 days to go and it is all getting quite exciting.

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