Wednesday, 6 August 2008

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I now have my tent. I slept in it last night and it is fantastic. It takes up the entire width of the garden and could be considered to be massive overkill. I suspect that in time the extra height and floorspace will be a blessing.

My next task is to clear the house. Not an inconsiderable task either I tell you, a friend has suggested that local charity shops and hospices will happily remove whatever I do not wish to sell, store, chuck or return to their rightful owners.

The latter includes various DVD's, a couple of very sizeable pot plants, some drums, books and more. It is strange how one can accumulate the most varied and inane detritus to fill every possible cranny. In my rummaging I have found various alcohol bottles that I have been keeping for posterity (?!?), several derelict computers, a very expensive razor that takes old style blades which was used half a dozen times before I gave it up in fear of decapitating myself and a variety of books which I had not heard of let alone read. It will persist for some time, upstairs I have yet to discover a huge set of Yamaha speakers, reference quality but sadly utterly buggered and in need of restoration (as if), some of the most disgusting curtains you have ever seen, some sandals that hurt and a man-sized tie dye baby grow. I'll stop. Suffice to say I have my work cut out.

Did I mention the tent that currently lords it over the trees in the garden? It has beautiful cream canvas walls that are ambient in the daytime and romantic in the evening, it feels robust like a barnacle and I am quite smitten with the cunningly placed metal ring 3/4 of the way up the center pole.

Last night a slug seems to have crawled up the outside wall of the tent and exploded about a foot from the floor. It has left a small brown stain (1cm across maybe) and a slime trail that I find quite inexplicable. It is quite sad that it was the first thing that I noticed when I woke up and I scuttled outside in my pants to see what on earth was going on. The gradual encroachment of nature will have a whole different meaning to merely removing the grass from between the patio slabs.

I am so enthused in fact that I plan to move into the tent and clear the top floor of the house first over the next week or so. What will the neighbours think? In the meantime my best mate has been writing poetry and here it is for your entertainment...


dining on the grass
reclining while the sun is shining
mojitos and champagne combining
neural signals realigning

sitting in small world fingers curled
round a brandy hot chocolate swirled
with cream as music at my head is hurled
and the festival unfurls

a nighttime diversion fuelled by aversion
to steep hills leads to an unplanned excursion
into the woods but we undergo a conversion
and ultimately a direction reversion

at the bell tents is where lots of time is spent
ben's hell bent on buying one to escape from rent
but looking only fuels his intent
so the visits become a regular event

the rain abstains and we're entertained
by dancers with fireworks on chains
the bonfire goes up the crowd goes insane
and grandmas house gets engulfed in flames

staying up all night drinking chai
watching the sky waiting for the sun to rise
but it defies and behind the hill it lies
for it knows what the dawn of the new day implies

i'd just like to append that after sunrise ends
there'll be another to attend
because i've enjoyed having time to spend
with you my friends :)

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