Monday, 21 July 2008

Monday progress...

I have had a second interview for a technical role within the group I am already working for, they seem to like me. The problem is that they have no recruitment currently under way. I am sat in one corner of the building with not very much to do and another team has a desperate need for more programmers not 100 metres away. It costs as much as £15k to recruit a new programmer and they are quibbling over head counts and internal transfers.

This happened to me once before, my department was closed at a former employer and I ended up getting made redundant because the management would not authorise a move to a parallel department. I am hoping that I have managed to highlight the madness to the powers that be and that I will be the beneficiary of a seamless and hassle free transfer, I know I have a few allies in the human resources dept so all I can do is sit tight and wait. I would very much like to stay where I am but I have an offer for another job that I do not wish to take. There is only so long I can hedge my bets and I am hoping to have this all resolved within the next few hours.

Once I know my fate, I will be able to start planning where I am going to stay.

The most daunting task on my horizon still remains the disposal of all of my worldly goods, the vast majority of which I have now resolved to sell. So, if you know anyone who wants a 40" TV, a playstation3, a drum, a huge collection of cables and computer peripherals, a freezer, a collection of snorkelling gear or any number of other very nice but effectively useless items, please drop me a line.

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