Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Possibly the biggest consideration in my adventures has to be my lovely Girlfriend. We have been together for about 6 months and have thus far been having a lovely time doing all the usual couply things. She has bought a ray of sunshine into my life and it is of the highest order of priority that I keep her happy.

Is what I am doing worthwhile? Insofar as I trying to save some money, it will benefit us both in the long term but will the short term discomfort be too much? I intend to do everything in my power to ensure that it is not.

Firstly, I know that ladies are usually a little more sensitive about toilet facilities than us boys. With this in mind I have been looking to find a suitable solution to our ablutionary needs. I have found a coleman portable toilet that is pretty cheap and would look to do the job very well. I have consulted a few friends and they report that they are a universe away from the usual festival chemical toilet affairs, they are hygenic, reasonably odourless and easy to maintain and transport. I have also found a source of organic, enviro-friendly toilet chemicals so will have to try them out.

Privacy is also a consideration, I cannot imagine the lovely lady wanting to spend a penny in front of guests (or indeed the guests wishing to relieve themselves in front fo me) so I have also managed to track down a 1 player tent specifically for the purpose of housing a porta-loo. Okay, so what we have here is not the most decadent enthronement but it will provide privacy, hygeine, and hopefully will avoid lengthy walks to toilet blocks or squatting in bushes.

Showering is another problem that will take a little more thinking about. Being the lady that she is I know that she will appreciate the ability to properly freshen up. She may even want to use it herself on occasion! The two options I can discern are solar showers and powered showers. Personally I may consider opting for the solar shower as I am likely to have showers at work (not forgetting that I am 'ard) but I think for the sake of ease and considering that it will not get used that often, a gas powered shower will do the trick nicely and if I am crafty, I can integrate it into the toilet tent for a one stop ablutionary solution to meet all our needs (can you tell I have been writing tender documents this morning?).

Washing up, minor ablutions and general cleaning can all be done out of a washing up bowl and could provide an excellent catalyst to water fights, romantic pair-preening and dog soaking. Ahhh, the romanticism.

So, we have toilet, shower and privacy. The only other real considerations are day to day warmth and comfort which are as applicable to myself as to my beloved so need not be considered here.

My lover has the power to make or break this adventure and I would not consider it without her support. I can not thank her enough for focussing on the romanticism and independence rather than the weather and impracticality. Lady, if you are reading this, there is a big kiss awaiting you in the tent of love.

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