Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Refining the Plan..

In a slightly rash move I have quit my job. I had no work to do and was employed by a CCTV company so I am going to try my hand at one of the other jobs that seems to come my way quite often. I should have no trouble getting a new job, and will need to do so by 3rd August. It will however slightly complicate my plans. Never mind, no one said it was going to be easy and if I can change several bad elements of my life in one go then brilliant.

I have to give 2 months notice on my house so I did that this morning. That means that I will be sleeping under canvas for the first night on the 10th of September, before which time I need to do the following things:
  • Buy a suitable tent
  • Get a job
  • Find somewhere to stay in aforementioned tent
  • Get all of the things that I will need to survive in said tent
  • Dispose of a large house full of assorted stuff and settle all outstanding bills
  • Get my car back on the road (company Lexus goes back!)
  • Sort out mobile broadband and a laptop (if one does not come with new job)
  • Redirect all my post to an as yet unknown destination
  • Find a dog sitting type person to look after the alien during the daytimes
I think that is it, I am sure more stuff will come up and I know that many of those can be divided into many sub-tasks but it will do for the time being. It would seem I have my work cut out.

The tasks can be broadly grouped into two, sorting out a new living arrangement and disposing of the old one. The latter task will prove to be by far the more challenging. I have to take all of my possessions and split them out into things I wish to throw away, things I wish to keep but not take and things I wish to take with me.

I have to find somewhere to store all of the items that I do not want to get rid of, which brings up a couple of interesting questions for me. For example, regarding my TV, should I sell it or should I store it? If this project is a success and I do survive for a year or so, it will be better off sold, but then should I hedge my bets and sell it a few months down the line when I have a better idea as to my fate? Would that show a lack of commitment that my readers would use to sow the seeds of doubt in my sincerity?

I am not doing this as a dare or to prove some lofty point, I am doing this to see if I can. If it is too much hassle then so be it, but it would have to be quite a lot of hassle to make me prefer to stagnate in suburbia where there is exactly no adventure. You'll be the first to know. Either way, I am homeless and jobless inside of 60 days so I am going to have to do something. Game on.

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