Monday, 7 July 2008

The Plan

I am a computer programmer, living in a big house in Surrey with my Lexus and my gigantic wide-screen TV. I have a lovely dog, a lovely girlfriend, great prospects, not a care in the world, or so the theory goes. To most, I must appear to have a fantastic life, all of the worldly hallmarks of success are mine, I eat in good restaurants, get paid well, get to go on holidays abroad, can buy what I want, all is good in the world.

So why have I decided that I want to go and live in a tent? Well, funny you should ask, here are my reasons...
  • I am tired of constantly having to fight just to keep my head above water financially.
  • I intend to pay off all debts (about £10k) in as short an amount of time as possible.
  • I am tired of living in picket fenced suburbia.
  • I am tired of having a fixed environmental overhead that I can do nothing about.
  • I am tired of paying council tax when they can't even get community recycling sorted out.
  • I love the great outdoors.
  • It would make my dog very happy.
  • I went to Glastonbury festival... again.
This blog is intended to be a journal of my progress from a wasteful suburban existence to a low impact nomadic one. I intend to keep my job and my dog and my girlfriend, I just plan to shun the convention of living in a house. When all my debts are paid, I will reconsider how I want to live, but until then, I am committed to some self imposed penance.

Right, that sets out basically what I want to do, the details will all get thrashed out in the terrible dawning of reality that awaits me, for the time being, I must ride this wave of enthusiasm long enough to make it happen.

Wish me luck.

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keith said...

Dear Benjamin I totally support your project for more reasons than I can mention now. A few years ago I did a 'runner' from the system. I was earning an exceptionally high salary in a private hospital -saw the fake reality for what it was and just 'disappeared'. I went West until I reached the coast in North Devon and moved into a squat (a dis-used stone barn on Tapeley Park). I threw away Radio, television, newspapers etc and began a slow process of UNLEARNING ALL THE CONDITIONING I had been subjected to from Sunday School to University. An amazing experience which allowed me to think my own thoughts again and opened me up to a whole world of natural sensuous
experience. I paid the landowner 'rent' in the form of labour on the estate.

So if any toff has been there, done it, and come out alive on the other side -I have. So Ben, I am right by your side all the way.

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